Frequently Asked Questions

What is LLTW?

Love Lights the Way, (or LLTW for short) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in the Massachusetts/Rhode Island area that is building a mission campus in the Fendell Area of Liberia in West Africa. We are not a political organization. We are not a business. We are a group of people that love freedom and hope in Christ, and we want to share that gift to with the people of Liberia.

What is LLTW building?

LLTW is developing a campus called Lighthouse Village about 30-45 minutes from Monrovia in the Fendell area of Liberia, West Africa. Liberia is still in a recovery state from the devastating effects of nearly two decades of civil war and is need of aid. Our complex will serve multiple functions:

  • An Orphanage for children whom have lost their parents through the war or other means.
  • Schools (K thru 6th & Jr/Sr High) for resident orphans as well as community children.
  • A Vocational/Trade School for graduating students as well as the community.
  • A Church from the Church of Christ background for worship, fellowship and community.
  • A Medical Clinic for residents and the community.
  • A Leadership Training School to train adults to become effective leaders in their community, particularly in the faith community.
  • Missionary Inn that will provide temporary lodging for mission groups from around the world that wish to work in Liberia.
  • A Farm to produce funds and food for Lighthouse Village.

Learn more of our plans here.

How long will it take LLTW to finish building the village in Liberia?

That is up to the generosity of you and others like you, as we can only build with the money we have. We would love to have our buildings completed within the next 5 years. Regardless of the time of construction, we are committed to our mission of building future Christian leaders for Liberia. Forming Christian leaders is a lifelong commitment to which we are happy to give ourselves.

Are my gifts tax exempt?

Yes! Love Lights the Way is a registered 501(c)(3) tax exempt non-profit. You can deduct all of your donations to LLTW on your U.S. tax return.

What is going on at Lighthouse Village right now?

As of late 2016, Lighthouse Village is halfway done with the construction of our K-6 and church building. We also are supporting several college students financially to better their lives and we have a church community in the Fendell community lead by James Saygarn. Learn more about what we’re doing now.

What are the next steps at Lighthouse Village?

We are working on fundraising to finish the construction of our K-6 school and church. We are sponsoring a handful of college students, in paying for their school fees. We are building our church community in Fendell and hope to continue to improve the lives of those who live in the area.

How will my donation to LLTW be used?

LLTW has a general fund and an educational scholarship fund. Our educational scholarship fund is used to support college and high school students in paying for their school fees. Eventually we want to help pay for college for our own students.

The general fund is used to build LV and maintain it. Once the campus is built, the general funds will be used to provide food, maintenance, supplies and salaries for dozens of employees. Until then, the funds are used to build LV. LLTW is actively seeking grant money to help become operational as soon as possible, but most grant money specifically excludes capital campaigns (bricks and mortar). So it is up to the generosity of people like you that help us get the campus built through our general fund.

How can I best help LLTW?

The best way to help LLTW is by joining the Advisory Panel (AP) or by volunteering your skills and time. If you have skills that you believe could be used to help spread the word about LLTW, or a willingness to help in various ways, consider volunteering. More information about how you can help.

Does LLTW hold any events that I can attend?

LLTW speaks at churches throughout the New England area about our mission. The intent is to educate and inform about Liberia and LLTW and to find others who care about our cause as much as we do. We also have fund raising events several times a year. Keep your eye out for events on our Facebook page and sign up on our email list to be notified of upcoming events and other happenings.

Can anyone attend one of LLTW’s mission trips to Liberia?

Absolutely! LLTW welcomes anyone with a heart for Liberia to come with us. We know that once you come, you will fall in love with the people of Liberia and will never want to stop supporting the cause. Each traveler pays their own costs to get to Liberia, but once there, all living expenses will be covered by a combination of volunteers and the LLTW general fund. Travelers will need a passport, immunizations, and a traveler’s visa. We can assist with these items, so just contact LLTW and let them know you wish to attend, and we’ll help you every step of the way.

What is Cassava?

Cassava is a food crop which we will be planting at Lighthouse Village to help fund the mission as well as provide food. Read more about Cassava in our one of our blog articles here.