How You Can Help

There is much work to do in Liberia. Most areas do not have paved roads, electricity, running water or plumbing. Many children cannot go to school because there aren't any where they are living. Our intent with Lighthouse Village is that the people we serve and help will go on to serve and help the community, the entire nation of Liberia and maybe the world.

Volunteer your skills and services to help LLTW! Want to help in more than just a financial way? Everyone at LLTW is a volunteer. We need more people, with various skills and open hearts to join the team and help Liberia. We are based in the Rhode Island/Southern Massachusetts area, but there are many ways to help us via technology as well. Click VOLUNTEER to learn more about how you can help.

If you want to help LLTW in a big way, if you want to help us build the Lighthouse Village mission in a continual way, the Advisory Panel, or AP, is perfect for you.  Our AP members are asked to donate 50$ per month to show their commitment and desire for Lighthouse Village. Volunteering is not mandatory for AP members, but it is very much welcomed. Click ADVISORY PANEL to learn more.

Make a Donation today! LLTW is currently funded 100% by donations from people like you. No amount is too little, nor too large. Click DONATE to make your contribution online or by check through mail.

Pray for the children, the future leaders of Liberia and the LLTW mission. God can do more than we, as humans, can do. Please keep Liberia and LLTW in your prayers. We have a big dream and we need God's support.

Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Want to get involved? We'd love to hear from you: Contact Us